Industry Dominance and Franchise Innovation

The arrival of the 80s and 90s marked the time Victory Liner Inc. raised the standards in the provincial bus transport industry. The company embarked on the construction of terminals, meal stops, refueling stations, and rest areas for passengers and crew along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) in Pasay and Quezon City, and Rizal Avenue in Caloocan City

During this period, Jose, Marta, and Eugenio, together with the second generation, steered the company to become a dominant player in the transport industry. Jose chose Johnny, his son, to become the Operations Manager and eventually, President and General Manager. Johnny believed in the importance of safety so he implemented comprehensive training programs for drivers and conductors. He also rewrote a book about bus safety, as well as institutionalized a “running time” rule that allowed each bus’ speed limit to be closely monitored.